Hi, I'm Kerry.

I started life as an artist. I drew things (I still do). I worked as a designer and moved into marketing and sales. Time and again, I found myself in situations where I could see broken processes. It made my job more difficult and cost the company in time, money and reputation. Not to mention it was more difficult for everyone to accomplish what they’d been hired to do. I could see ways to improve and so I did it. This wasn’t always welcome, as some people hate change. 

Then I learned about the field of User Experience and it seemed a perfect fit for me.

I began to educate myself about UX Design, and realized that I had been doing that work without realizing it. 

When I started in the role of Natural Search (SEO) Account Manager, I noticed there was no training process in place, so as I taught myself, I wrote a manual for all new employees, considering what should be learned and when. 

When I worked on private yachts and traveled the world, I optimized the storage, supplies, and processes aboard to minimize the time and space required to accomplish the work.

As a marketing manager at a training school, I interviewed students to learn the pain points about taking our required courses. I took what I learned and embarked on a complete re-design of a suite of maritime training texts. This also involved editing much of it. I also re-designed the internal registration process and optimized the forms. 

At a yacht outfitter, I saw a need to communicate with our customers on a global scale and created and maintained a Facebook group, disseminating content to women in charge of procuring items for yachts across the globe. I observed that there were better digital tools and ways we could do more in less time and implemented new project management tools and budgeting software.

In my capital equipment (orthopedic medical devices) sales role in New York City, I observed operating room medical staff using our digital products and becoming confused. I interviewed them and communicated those findings to my colleagues in development roles. I moved to an operations role so I could streamline the equipment loan process, save the company money, and provide better support to field sales representatives as they fought heavy traffic throughout the territory.

I observe systems and explore situations from each perspective with the goal of streamlining processes, saving time and money. As a result, this makes for happier employees and customers. 

On the weekends I hang out with my dogs and make art.

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