Research + Design: Two Mobile Apps for Medical Sales Reps

Scheduler Mobile App

What is Scheduler?

A mobile app scheduler for medical field sales reps with real time updates to surgery schedules.

What was my role?

User Researcher


Evernote, Penultimate, iPad, Stylus, paper/sharpie , Adobe Illustrator, Paper, Adobe Draw, Invision


Understand the Problem

Medical device sales reps want to maximize face time with surgeons in operating rooms. Last minute changes to surgical schedules create hours of wasted time in congested, urban territories. Sales reps need real time updates for schedules in several facilities at the same time. They can quickly see where their best sales opportunity lies and make better choices about which facilities to visit.

Project Constraints

  • HIPAA: Deep distrust within healthcare industry of anything that could compromise patient health information or network security

  • Since gaining visibility into surgical schedules was key to optimizing schedules, it was essential to have a trusted resource on the inside at each facility. However, scheduling concerns of medical sales reps are often a very low priority for surgical facility staff and administrators.



  • Competitive & comparative analysis

  • In-depth interviews

  • Ethnography

  • Collaborative Design Sessions

  • Paper Prototypes

1.5 Interviews and ride-alongs

I accompanied medical sales reps to the facilities where their surgeon clients worked, attended surgical procedures and interviewed them about their experience - including their biggest pain points.

Comparative Analysis

I researched mobile apps that managed the daily schedule of 4-5 person mobile sales teams. I was interested in learning about any mobile apps that had successfully addressed the challenge of message exchange with surgical facilities without challenging HIPAA laws.


Collaborative design and guerrilla testing with paper prototypes

Paper Prototype

Paper Prototype

Collaborative Design Sessions

Collaborative Design Sessions


Wireframes | Iterations


Next Steps

We wanted to avoid putting clients at risk of even the appearance of breaking HIPAA laws, so I pivoted. The best option was to use existing relationships with individuals inside surgical facilities and connect via text /SMS in order to learn schedule updates. I decided to change the focus of the app to managing sales team schedules instead. So many existing apps handle team communication that I decided to shelve this project… for now.


Lifeline - product education mobile app

What is Lifeline?

Discovery research for a mobile app / website that provides product information for medical device field sales reps when they are in areas with weak cell service and no wifi network.

What was my role?

As lead UX researcher, I conducted research with medical sales reps to understand their experience learning about products while attending orthopedic surgeries in operating rooms around NYC and Connecticut.


Understand the Problem

My employer manufactures single orthopedic implants as well as capital equipment. Implants are more profitable and new reps are motivated to learn these product details first. Capital equipment commissions are smaller with a much longer sales cycle, so reps are not highly motivated to become experts. However, operating room staff consider the sales rep to be an expert in all products. When capital equipment questions arise, everyone in the room turns to the rep for immediate answers. As the number of signed contracts for our sales organization increased, account reps found themselves unable to answer questions about the new equipment. Lean Canvas

LEAN CANVAS Product Education Site - Capital Lifeline Lean Canvas.jpg


  • In-depth intervieww

  • Ride-alongs/ Ethnography

  • Card Sorts

  • Information Architecture


Product Information Architecture

To understand how sales reps categorized product information, I asked them to complete a card sort activity.


Information Architecture

Based on what I learned from the card sort, I started to create a basic sitemap.