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Design + Research: EventPass

What is Event Pass?

A startup called EventPass is working within a NYC accelerator, Friends of eBay.  EventPass evolved from a Meetup group. Event Pass is an app that streamlines the process of planning, hosting, scheduling, and attending urban events.

For planners, it eliminates the need to use multiple apps to manage the event planning process. For attendees, it enables them to schedule and attend events at a discount. My role was the discovery research phase to learn about the experience of professional and casual event planners in New York City. I collaborated with a team of three other UX and visual designers.

My Role

I conducted 60-minute one on one interviews with event planners to learn about their current experience planning, marketing, and hosting events in NYC.


Chris Jimenez (ux research, visual design)
Kirstie Amara Espiritu (ux design, project manager)
Hanyu Zhang (ux design, visual design)


Understand the Problem

The task given to my four-person team was to research and design a mobile experience for event organizers. To learn about the current experience of urban event planners, we interviewed six people currently using multiple platforms to plan and manage events in New York City.




  • In-depth interviews

  • Competitive analysis


6 people who plan, host, and manage recurring events in NYC.


Mobile app


January, 2018 – March, 2018


Artifacts – Event Planner User Flow, Persona, and Journey


Event Planner Flow

Goal: Schedule an event

Goal: Share an event with a contact

Goal: Share an event on Facebook

Goal: View all upcoming events