Research + Design: a mobile app to manage the schedules of medical sales teams


Understand the problem

Medical device sales reps want to maximize face time with surgeons in operating rooms. Last minute changes to surgical schedules create hours of wasted time in congested, urban territories. Sales reps need real time updates for schedules in several facilities at the same time. They can quickly see where their best sales opportunity lies and make better choices about which facilities to visit.

Project Constraints

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Given that gaining visibility into surgical schedules was key to optimizing schedules, it was essential to have a trusted resource on the inside at each facility. However, scheduling concerns of medical sales reps are often a very low priority for surgical facility staff and administrators.

My Role

UX Research, Product Design


Ethnography, 1:1 Interviews, Ride-alongs




Step 1. Research

1:1 interviews

I conducted with sales reps to learn about the challenge, explore current user experience, and understand pain points


I accompanied sales reps through their rounds for a few days to learn about the current way sales teams communicate and optimize their schedules. I wanted to understand the way team members pivot quickly when surgeries are canceled at the last minute.


Step 2. Sketching & Collaborative Design


Wireframes (1)

v1 team gotham_72.jpg
v1 add a case_72.jpg
v1 accounts_72.jpg
v1 add a surgeon_72.jpg

Step 4. Usability Testing

scheduler research_72.jpg

Wireframes (2)

scheduler accounts.jpg
Add a case.jpg
Scheduler team page.jpg
scheduler account detail.jpg

Next Steps

Project discontinued due to very low likelihood of use with surgical facility networks due to patient privacy issues (HIPAA)