Research for a mobile app to educate new medical field sales reps


Understand the problem

Operating room staff consider a medical device rep to be an expert in all products for their company, but there are thousands of products to learn in multiple categories. I researched the problem and designed a mobile app that could provide product information to new sales reps in surgical settings.


To gain insight into the learning process for new orthopedic medical device sales representatives, specifically as pertains to learning about orthopedic surgery, and information for the capital equipment product line.  

My Role

UX Research, Product Design


Ethnography, 1:1 Interviews, Observation, Card Sorting, Tree Tests 

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Step 1. Research

1:1 interviews

I conducted with sales reps to learn about the challenge, explore current user experience, and understand pain points.


I visited to operating rooms to see how sales reps learn new product information and respond to inquiries from customers in different roles.


Step 2. Personas & Use cases

(insert persona here)

Step 3. Sketching


(insert sketches here)


Step 4. Usability Testing



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