Case Study: Trayscan


What is Trayscan?

Discovery research for a mobile app that provides a more efficient way to track surgical equipment loans.

What was my role?

UX research to learn about the experience current method of tracking surgical equipment loans from the perspective of both employees and customers.

Understand the Problem

  • Medical device sales org is missing loaned equipment, valued approx. $400,000

  • Imprecise tracking method

  • No end-to-end process visibility

A medical device sales organization maintains equipment for loans to surgical facilities. Support teams track and transport the equipment, often with very short notice, to clients (surgeons) operating in different facilities throughout the territory.

The current method of tracking is not scalable and the exact location of hundreds of thousands of dollars of surgical equipment is uncertain. Transport personnel make trips through congested urban areas only to discover the piece they need is not there. Efficiency, morale and profits are less than ideal. It’s time for a better tracking method.

Legacy method

Because I was uniquely positioned, I could observe the various roles and observe the frustration when equipment was unavailable. The surgeon contacted sales to place a request, sales contacts support staff to reserve equipment, support checks availability, locates equipment, and delivery retrieves and delivers equipment. Often this process must happen within a day and if the equipment is not where it’s supposed to be, the process breaks down. Over time, expensive equipment becomes permanently unavailable because it’s location is …unknown.

Relevant Stats

  • 28,973: the number of miles the company van traveled to shuttle equipment back and forth in 2016.

  • 1324: Average number of surgical procedures attended by a sales rep in in one year.

  • $44,000,000: Total sales for organization

  • $456,000: Total value of missing equipment



  • In-depth interviews

  • ride-alongs

  • ethnography


  • Paper/ sharpie

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Canva

  • Evernote

  • Invision


Field sales reps, office managers, delivery staff, orthopedic surgeons, nurses, operating room technicians, and sterilization staff



Service Design Blueprint

In order to understand the journey of a surgical tray, I needed to understand its travels from office and back again. To learn this, I traveled everywhere and interviewed everyone along the way.